Before taking pictures of your condo and inviting buyers to view it, it should be clean, bright, and free of clutter.

clean condo
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Well-manicured suites like the ones you see in magazines take some work, but with just a little more effort than your usual routine, you can really increase the value of your home when you sell.
Sounds daunting? Below is a checklist to help you out.

Start with an easy part of your condo, such as tidying up the entryway, and then make your way around the walls. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn your place around if you are systematic about it.

Get your condo in tip top shape and ready to sell!

Entryway, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Study
☐ Dust, vacuum, or wash floors, including under beds and dressers, and behind curtains.
☐ Shampoo rugs and carpets as necessary.
☐ Change sheets, make bed, and arrange pillows and cushions (if any).
☐ Empty trash cans, add fresh bag (use real garbage bags, not grocery bags).
☐ Remove excess furniture.
☐ Wipe down surfaces and remove fragile items and clutter.
☐ Clean bookshelves and arrange books/items neatly.
☐ Check clocks and make sure they are set to the right time and alarms are turned off clock radios.
☐ Open/adjust blinds and curtains.
☐ Remove personal items such as family photos, photo albums, and refrigerator clutter.
☐ Wash the windows and clean the baseboards.

☐ Dust, vacuum, mop floors and countertops.
☐ Clean shower/tub.
☐ Change liner of shower curtain, if necessary.
☐ Clean toilets, including bowl and top.
☐ Empty trash cans.
☐ Clean mirrors and lighting.
☐ Put out fresh towels and arrange neatly.
☐ Wash soap dishes and soap containers, and refill with fresh supplies.
☐ Remove bathmat or replace with a fresh one.
☐ Store away personal items, such as hair dryers, curling irons, make up kits, shaving accessories, shampoo and conditioner bottles, etc.

☐ Store away small appliances, such as toaster, coffee machine, utensil holders, and any other unnecessary items on the counter top.
☐ Remove all clutter, such as mail and keys from counter top.
☐ Clean your stovetop thoroughly. It should be smooth when you run your hands over it.
☐ Wash down the walls or backsplash in your cooking area.
☐ Clean microwave inside and out.
☐ Organize the inside of your cupboards, throwing out anything you don’t need. You can also start storing some of these items if you won’t be using them before your move.
☐ Wipe down all countertops, your refrigerator, and cupboard doors and drawers.
Shine your sink.

☐ Wash down balcony to remove dirt and dust.
☐ Wipe down all balcony furniture.
☐ Add flowers or a potted plant for “curb appeal.”

If your condo needs more than a good scrub, you may want to consider upgrades that could add value to your home.

How do you know you’re ready for a photo shoot? Invite a friend or neighbour over to do a walk-through. Show them comparable listings online, and get their feedback on how your condo sizes up. Finally, add your last-minute touch-ups, and get ready for your condo’s photo shoot!

What are your tips for getting your home ready for showings?