If your condo is feeling a little tired after even just a short few years you’ve spent there, adding a fresh coat of paint or just changing the lighting can have a big impact on your buyers and your final selling price. With so many condos on the market at any given time, you’ll want to make sure that yours stands out. Fortunately, many condo upgrades and renovations are generally not too expensive, especially if you do-it-yourself (DIY).

Below are some suggested upgrades and renos for every budget.


Small Budget – Under $250

By investing a couple of hundred dollars, you can make your condo look brand new:

• Paint your condo a neutral colour, such as white, beige or light grey.
• Change your door handles or knobs on cabinets.
• Change your lighting. Great lighting options can be had for a relatively low cost at hardware stores, like Home Depot and Rona. There are also more economical options at Ikea.
• If your place is looking a bit too bare without any décor, you can add decorative items such as art work or accent items.
• Add a plant to your balcony, or some flowers in a hanging planter.

Medium Budget – $250-$500

In addition to the items listed in the small budget list, a medium budget would help enable you to replace some of your existing items and make some small upgrades. Here are some ideas:

• Add peel and stick backsplash tiles in your kitchen, if you don’t already have one.
• Upgrade small items, such as night stands and dressers, side tables, and coffee tables with new ones.
• Replace dining table and chairs.
• Place outdoor tiles on balcony floor.

Large Budget – $500+

With a larger budget, you can afford to make some major changes that would add value to your condo. Renovations such as replacing a bathroom vanity or ripping out your worn out carpet and adding laminate flooring can make a big difference in making your condo look more modern and spacious. Before embarking on any renovations, however, make sure that you check with the property manager to get condo board approval and that it is documented in your Status Certificate.

Here are some ideas:

• Replace old kitchen appliances with newer ones (stainless steel is best if you are targeting a younger, modern generation, otherwise white appliances are fine).
• Remove carpet and install laminate or hardware flooring.
• Install a new bathroom vanity, mirror and lighting.
• Replace your countertop with a laminate one and add backsplash tiles to match.

Once you are done, it’s time to get your home clean and ready for showing!